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Hydro Jelly Mask $19.99  |  20 Min.

Let's Keep You Glowing.


Infused with Anti-Aging Antioxidants:

  • A truly age-reversing formula, our gel modeling face masks help create firmer, healthier, more balanced skin for radiant confidence.

    Moisturizing Hydration:

  • Infused with natural botanical ingredients, it’s gentle on dry, oily, or sensitive skin.

    Revitalizing Skin Therapy:

  • A deeply-hydrating experience, our gel face mask infuses your skin with vital moisture while helping improve overall tone and firmness.

Main Ingredients:

Rose de Mai:

  • Has brightening, moisturizing and purifying properties

    Mulberry Bark:

  • Brightens the skin

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines


  • Prevents skin from drying out


We leave you with a Tone & Glow Vitamin C mist.

The mist delivers hydrating, cleansing, toning and brightening properties.


$75 On promotion until May 1st

 $100 Regular Price.                      20-30 Min.

The Vivier Peel is a unique treatment that can do wonders for your skin. It contains key therapeutic ingredients to improve your complexion, giving it a healthy glow that you’ll be able to see instantly. Clients often schedule their peel a couple of days before a big event, so they can look their best!

10% Lactic Acid:  helps improve moisture levels in overly sensitive or dry skin.

2% Salicylic Acid: helps ease acne, reduce oiliness, improve texture and ease post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH). Also encourages the removal of debris that can clog your pores and dull the upper layer of your skin.

14% Resorcinol: helps ease inflammation, redness and acne.

Here’s a complete list of what you get in every Vivier chemical peel. 

AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) : This compound penetrates the skin deeply, delivering therapeutic ingredients to layers of your skin that are normally untouched by more topical peels. This boosts the rate at which your cells regenerate, giving you smoother and softer skin.

BHA (beta hydroxy acid) :Beta Hydroxy acid refers to a group of organic acids, rather than a single substance like AHA. The most common sources of BHAs are fruits and willow tree bark, but it can also be found naturally in your body. The primary purpose of BHA is to gently exfoliate your skin, removing the dirt and debris that clogs your upper layers and makes your complexion dull. This also helps clear out your pores, improving acne, blackheads and whiteheads. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, easing redness.

Resorcinol: Resorcinol is an antibacterial that destroys the harmful bacteria that causes acne. It also softens tough skin, stimulates collagen production and leaves your skin looking cleaner and fresher.

Peptides: When it comes to anti-aging, peptides is one of the most common ingredients in skincare products. Vivier has their own patented peptides that function deep in your skin, communicating to your cells to repair and rejuvenate. Your skin is strengthened with a single treatment!

Panthenol: Panthenol is a form of vitamin B5 that helps with a variety of things, specifically moisturizing and healing your skin.


  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production for – smoother, firmer skin

  • Minimize redness

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation for more even tone

  • Tighten pores

  • Increase suppleness

  • Give you a lovely glow!

You’ll notice an improvement in your skin quality after just one session, but we recommend 3-6 treatments for the best results. You skin is glowing skin immediately! It is gentle enough to have done just days before a big event.

Microneedling $349 for 1 session 

                           Package of 3 $899|  60 Min.

Microneedling is a method that Nurse Natalie uses to treat different skin conditions. The technique involves using multiple tiny, sterile needles to puncture the skin and cause physical trauma. This trauma prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to rebuild. 

Microneedling may help address many skin-related complaints, including: 

·     wrinkles 

·     scarring 

·     skin pigmentation issues 

·     rosacea  

·     Help rejuvenate the skin 

·     increases the production of collagen and other healing factors by causing trauma to the skin. 

·     Collagen is an essential protein that helps keep the skin looking youthful, with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture. 

·     AND MORE

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