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Welcome, thank you for taking the next step. I am so happy you are here! My name is Jessica, and I am going to introduce you to the best makeup I have ever used. I am the owner of Natural Lash & Defined Beauty Salon. I started my beauty adventure at the age of 20. I have a passion for everything in beauty. I am always on the go and a busy businesswoman. I am all about convenience and what is easy. I am also a neat freak. I was getting tired of seeing so many makeup products on my counter and half of them not even being used because I didn’t know what to do with them. THEN I MET SEINT! Seint changed my life. Easy, simple AND all the makeup fits into one compact. I am so confident using their makeup, and I know you will be to!  Let’s get you started and match you!


Fill out this form so we
can match your colour!

How would you describe your skin?
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Upload a Makeup Free Selfie -


  1.  NO makeup (makeup can drastically change the color I would put you in)

  2. Stand 3ft in front of an window with natural light (not direct sunlight) and take a selfie at arms length that includes your chest and hair.

  3. Ensure your picture is NOT blurry.

  4. Dont worry your selfie is safe with me!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Providing a proper photo is IMPERATIVE to getting a correct color match! Please do not send a photo of you in the car, in your bathroom, on the couch, with your back to a window, or outside. If you send an improper photo I will just ask for another one and will not be able to match you.

Upload a Makeup Free Selfie HERE

Thank you so much for filling out the colour match form. I'm so excited for you! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for me to get back to you with your colour match.


We are almost done!

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