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Are you ready?!

Our lash lift starter kit - your one-stop solution for all your lash essentials! 


Natural Lash has gathered a collection of our best-selling products, providing you with everything you need to become a lash lift pro. Whether a training academy looking to offer top-notch lash lift training or a beginner eager to add lash lift as an extra service, this kit has covered you with the highest quality products available. 


For Lash Lift training: 

2 Natural Lash Lift Kits

1 Clip-on Phone Ring Light

1pc Portable Handheld Electric Fan

1 Clear plastic wrap

50pcs Disposable Eyelash Brush

1 Eyelash Grafting Tape

50pcsDisposable Lip Sticks

1  Micellar Cleanser

Cotton pads

10 pairs Eye underpads

1 The New Entrepreneur Is YOU book! Turn your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality! This collection of first-hand business tips from a young and successful entrepreneur will help you find your passion, set goals, build a business, and create success. Full of practical advice on how to work your niche, connect with others, use social media, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and much more—this book is brimming with non-stop tips, encouragement, and positivity.


*Please note that the photos are for illustrative purposes, and actual contents may vary slightly with colouring on some products based on the  availability at the time of ordering.

Natural Lash LiftTraining Kit

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