The Daily Jade Facial Roller and the Iris Jade Multi-Use Oil duo is made for perfecting the look of your skin’s face.


Jade has mystical elements that promote purity, protection and balance that can translate to how you feel about this element working in your skin.




The Jade Facial Roller will drain lymphatic systems, increase circulation and reduce puffiness in the face. The Iris Jade Multi-Use Oil accompanies the Jade Facial Roller by providing deeper penetration in your skin while the scent of oil evokes a feeling of grace and serenity while it moisturizes and hydrates skin through the epidermis.

Directions: Use the Jade Facial Roller on clean, moisturized skin and pair with the Iris Jade Oil. Use the dropper from the Iris Jade Oil and apply 2-3 drops on the face. Then roll the facial roller in long strokes on the face. The smaller roller is ideal for using on the more delicate areas of the face and the larger roller for the greater areas of the face and neck.


PRO TIP: Use the Daily Well-Being Ritual Jade Facial Roller + Iris Jade Oil twice a day for faster results.

Care: After use, clean excess oil off from